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Bachelor nude the Something Enjoyable

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Former 'Bachelorette' Star Chase McNary Shares Nude Photo — But Quickly Deletes It

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Bachelor nude the ‘The Bachelorette’

Nudity and What a contestant's Playboy past reveals about double standards and sex

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So here's a look back at the most naked moments in series history: On The Bachelor Season 16, Courtney walked right in on Ben Flajnik's date with another woman to take him skinny-dipping.

  • I think more money went into paying people to edit black bars over the women than was spent setting up the winter wonderland date for Clare and Juan Pablo.

  • Later, season 16 contestant Kenny arrived at the beach location completely naked, showing off his flawless physique.

  • A lot has changed since Vanessa Williams was forced to resign in 1983 as Miss America after her nude photos made headlines.

'Bachelorette': Hannah Brown Poses Nude in Pool Photo

Taking a break for a topless shot! Well I can't do this.

  • So, viewers will get to know Matt on Jan.

  • He dumped her on the show and ended up picking Alex Nation as his winner.

  • While Kenny may have seemed like a bit of a playboy, he wound up finding love with Mari.