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AOC flaunts her boyfriend's haircut on Instagram after internet users trolls his looks

On Twitter she revealed that she and her boyfriend were 'ready for lumberjack life' after they didn't cut their hair in months, but added she's a fan of his fresh new hair cut.

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  • He continued to make similar comments over the next several days, even though three of the women, including Ocasio-Cortez, were born in the United States.

  • The pro-Trump Internet has become good at overwhelming its enemies with an unfiltered feed of accusations, memes and virality.

Fake Nude Photo of Alexandria Ocasio

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  • Tracking company NewsWhip found that interactions with news articles on Ocasio-Cortez numbered 4.

  • Since March 2021 , she has 12 million followers, up from 1.

  • Her father was and became an ; her mother was born in.