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Actress Marketa Janska, born in the Czech Republic, is an actress, singer, and songwriter currently living in Los Angeles.

  • At least three times when we were outside and I left to go inside to go to the room for a sweater or what have you he got approached they ask where you are staying and quickly try to sell their services.

  • In Japan the figure is 38 per cent, Brazil 44 per cent, Spain 55 per cent and Czech Republic comes out on top again, with 56 per cent.

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  • The Czech government has attempted to legalize and regulate prostitution, but these efforts have failed.

  • The country has been deemed the most accepting of moral issues in the world, closely followed - bizarrely - by Japan.

  • Amendments to the Czech Penal Code went into effect in November 2004, making all forms of trafficking illegal, including labor exploitation and internal trafficking.