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Enough Is Enough: National Review: Donna Rice Hughes Warns about Obscenity Crisis

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Donna Rice Hughes Still Feels PTSD 31 Years After Gary Hart Sex Scandal

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  • You've become an advocate for children's online safety, and lobbied Congress to pass the Communications Decency Act in 1995.

  • Although neither Hart nor Hughes has ever divulged the details of their relationship, Hughes was depicted as an adulterous bimbo.

  • This also happens to include the first black female to hold statewide office in Virginia and our state's first Hispanic American attorney general, proving once again that merit and opportunity are the best routes to true and sustainable diversity in a civil society.

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Hart is wearing a T-shirt bearing the words , the name of the yacht.

  • On May 8, 1987, a week after the story broke, Hart suspended his campaign after the Washington Post threatened to run a story about a woman Hart had dated while separated from his wife, and his wife and daughter became similar subjects of interest for tabloid newspapers.

  • Hart's popular appeal nevertheless suffered, and polls taken almost immediately afterward found him to be 10 points behind Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis in New Hampshire.

  • He worked for the Federal Highway Administration and he's invested well and saved his money.