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Is it the journey when you get to the airport and are delayed by 17 hours to your holiday resort that eats into your sun lounging, coconut-sipping free time? So let's look at the movies that promised so much more along the way only to stick us in the bus with no toilets, the sweaty airport, or the god damn doomed Tesla instead.

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  • Ashleigh fears that she could be the target of another catfishing attempt in the future, this time by malicious internet trolls.

  • Not satisfied with sticking to one ending, 47 Meters Down doubles down on delivering two, becoming a confusing amalgamation of both happy and tragic tales that has to be unknotted by the time we're actually at the close of the film.

Ashley (name)

People will tell you it's not the destination that matters, it's the journey.

  • It was first recorded as a male given name in the 16th century and remained exclusively male until around 350 years later.

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  • Australian players including grand slam champion Samantha Stosur have deferred any decision about a possible name change to higher authorities, saying Court, like anyone, is entitled to her opinion.