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She's Topless Again! S1:E12

La vagabonde nude sailing Sailing La

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La vagabonde nude sailing Sailing La

What Life is Really Like with The Wynns

She's Topless Again! S1:E12

In this episode we leave Roccapina Cove, to which we dedicate all the previous episode, Now we visit the impressive beach of Erbajú, then we arrive at the big bay of Propriano, where we dined in the charming village of Campomoro and finally we submerged in the beautiful beach of Portigliolo.

  • I go left and right on that same joystick, it spins it.

  • I likely represent many GwtW followers when I suggest that you will be missed in future episodes.

  • They are one of my inspirations for starting my own channel as well, and I just returned from an epic adventure to Nova Scotia!!! You see his confidence, you cheer on the determination an you can feel the strength this life has given him.

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When I get bored or even a little down, I head to you tube to watch a Wynn adventure to take me to another world! We can share some chocolate.

  • And Kate you sound like a real gem yourself and your smile just radiates I loved reading about your life.

  • Thanks for your insight and thank you Jason and Nikki.

  • After heroically rescuing a baby bird that fell from its nest Arthur was horrified when he discovered that Louis had taken credit.